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Signature Wall

Create a stunning Signature Wall that represents bold style using colors and textures of the surrounding space for a uniquely artistic masterpiece. Images have a powerful effect on the mood, feeling, and vibe of a place. Community and Family participation encouraged! 

Story Wall

Whether it's of a treasured Fairy Tale, favorite Comic Book, a Memorial Wall, or Family Heritage Wall, contact the Flipside Studio to schedule a consultation and create a Story Wall. Includes Lettering. Community and Family participation encouraged!

Store Displays + Event Set-Up

Make the MOST from what you have by creative re-use and refurbish. Minimalism is in, and Statement Pieces make an impact. Schedule a Consultation with the Flipside to MAXIMIZE your message through artistic creations. Includes Lettering and Sign Art. 


Furniture Freshen-Up

Re-use. Refurbish. Renew. The Flipside Studio prefers to update existing pieces of furniture to customize the colors, patterns, and style to the surrounding space. Includes: light modifications such as painting, sanding, replacing parts, bracing, cleaning, and adding to it. 

Flipside Swag

Find Postcards, Stickers, Patches, Shirts, Coloring Book Pages, Greeting Cards, Art Zines, and more. Check it out: STORE to come.