The Artist's Process: a work in progress

Rough. But I knew it was going to be difficult. So I set up for it. Prepared for three months of it. Living out of a van, an art studio warehouse, and a tiny storage unit with two dogs. The gym was my bathroom. The van was my bedroom. Where I parked, no one knew. I got up early those days. Right after the sun, and started my day at the coffee shop. First things first. 

I got a lot done during those days, nights, and very late nights in the art studio. These projects are still works in progress, but the outcome of my time living the artist life in Oakland was rich in community, appreciation, and development as an art studio. 

Artist Life/ Street Life: Oakland 2016

Welcome to the Flipside: there are two sides to every story.

Using the artist touch, combined with the artisian craftsmanship that brings concepts to life with multimedia, patterns and images emerge, bringing the piece to existance from the other side. 

It is a process that starts over with each new piece and every new project. 

Being self-taught, Anna K lets her work inspire her to new levels in organic and authentic ways. 

With the experience of having worked as an artist in several art studios, the Flipside Studio establishes Anna K as an artist in the marketplace. 

Born in the Bay area, raised in the Las Vegas Valley, Anna K emerges from the deep, bringing art for the marketplace with value and efficiency.

About the Artist: Anna K. 

The Flipside Studio was born when artist Anna K started creating images behind framed pictures on the wall. She said they reflected the "flipside" of the image on the front, but were hidden within.

​Her approach to refurbishing furniture, renovating materials, customizing walls and displays reflect that very same concept, as she continues to embody the Flipside of each new piece and project.

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